Ah France, what a beautiful land of tradition for cutlery-making and gastronomy ! Both go hand in hand, in fact. Here we love beautiful tables and good food… But what would a meal be without cheese ? Unimaginable !

What would a traditional French table be without its renowned cheese knife ? Very distinctve, this famous knife has two prongs to catch hold of regional cheeses : Saint Nectaire, Reblochon, Ambert Fourme, Brie or Camembert… we all have our favouorite ! And if you want to make sure that everybody joins in the fun, treat yourself to the mini cheese knives set, so that everyone can enjoy their own cheese knife !
From the Laguiole serving cutlery range, these cheese knives are sure to impress your guests when they appear on your festive tables.

We bet that your guests will be amazed by the arrival of your cheese plate on the table !

Where would a traditional French dinner table be without its famous cheese knife?

Laguiole cheese knife

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