Lifetime warranty

Since 2002, our customers can buy our products online. The team Laguiole Actiforge meets to all your requests.

In a society where quantity is often preferred to quality, we chose to go against the grain and to use durable materials.

Loyal to the Thiers cutlery-making tradition, Actiforge designs reliable and tough knives which will accompany you for many years without losing their edge.

No globalization in our supply chain, we guarantee you a knife made in France. Deeply loyal to the know-how of our forefathers, to the skilled hands of our master cutlery-makers, we guarantee you high-quality French products.

Since 2002 we have delighted our customers with the possibility of ordering online without compromising on the quality we guarantee when we sell our knives just a stonethrow away from our smithies.

Online or in one of our shops, all of the Laguiole Actiforge team is at your service to answer any specific demand.

Lifetime Warranty

Actiforge Laguiole knives, stamped with the mark of the wild boar, come with a lifetime warranty.

The guarantee covers replacing any defective parts, but does not include damage caused by improper use.

A knife should only be used for cutting.

  • Your knife is unique and valuable. It deserves care:

-Grease from time to time the closing of your knife.
-Do not drop it down on the blade,or use the blade as a lever because high quality steel is very hard and brittle.
-Do not expose the horn to heat and humidity.

Your knife is a companion for life. In case of wear or accidents we can repair it.

French manufacturing warranty

  • Our Laguiole knives are made in France

The workshop is located  in the Auvergne region, in Thiers.
All parts used are of French origin, except for some precious materials for handles that cannot be found locally.
Our production is the result of craftsmanship. The knives are handmade in our workshop.
We are proud of our knives and we sign them by imprinting our brand Laguiole Actiforge on blades.
They are delivered with a guarantee indicating all our contact details.

  • VERITAS Certification "Certified French Origin"

Every year our company is audited by the Veritas company.
As a result, our Laguiole knives receive the CERTIFIED FRENCH ORIGIN label

origine france garranti

By choosing us you are sure to acquire an authentic Laguiole knife, handmade in France.
Should your Laguiole knife be damaged, please contact our repair service