Whether you are a foodie or just a sweet-tooth, using proper forks is a great help. For special occasions and festive dinners, shiny stainless steel forks are an impeccable must.

To go along everyday meals, you may want to choose ABS-handled forks, as they are suited to diswashers. Brightly coloured or in softer shades, it’s up to you to decide how you wish to decorate your table, for serving or table forks : to each ther own !

To perfectly compliment your Laguiole table knives set, discover our fork sets.
Brightly coloured, or more traditionally designed, our craftsmen have created a range that is both tough and coloured to style your everyday tables or give a perfect final touch to your festive tables.

The choice is yours: traditional forks set or dessert forks, all uphold the Laguiole stylish and prestigious tradition.

Available in fancy colours or a more classical design, a colourful and functional range has been designed by our craftsmen to complement your daily meals or festive dinner table.
Take your pick: our classic fork or dessert fork sets all adhere to the prestige and stylish design of Laguiole.