How was the corkscrew-fitted knife born ? A brief history…

Nowadays it is such an integral part of our daily lives, that many people forget that the Laguiole with a corkscrew is simply an option !

Long ago, our forefathers’ Laguiole knives were indeed folding knives, but they weren’t fitted with corkscrews. In the 18th century, corkscrews could already be found on multifunctional knives. For the most parts they were mall perfume corkscrews or hook corkscrews. Under Charles X, in the early 19th century there were spiral corkscrews on poor quality knives. Not until 1880 would Laguioles be similarly fitted. It is also at that same time that the first 3-piece Laguiole knives (blade – awl - corkscrew) appeared.

Towards the end of the 19th century, with the growing popularity of corked bottles, corkscrew-fitted Laguioles became successful items, all the more so that they were requested by Aveyron café owners. Indeed at that time, the capital was full of Cantal exiles who had moved to Paris after the war. Those newly Parisian café owners were very proud to use a tool which came directly from the region which had stayed so close to their hearts.

Who was the corkscrew-fitted Laguiole designed for?

If your knife is like a faithful companion to you, if you always keep your pocket Laguiole at hand at all times, then choose it fitted with a corkscrew. You’ll be able to easily open bottles during summer picnics, and you may even be the one to save the day during improvised friendly dinners when the bottle that was just taken out of the cellar needs opening.

Do not hesitate either if you are the Epicurian type who enjoys feasts and convivial gatherings : your next Laguiole folding knife simply must be equipped with a proper corkscrew.

You can find our wide range of Laguiole folding knives with corkscrews made from various materials.

Here you can see our range of knives without cork-screw.

How to use your corkscrew-equipped Laguiole knife?

To open a bottle with a cork, you just need to perform these 4 simple actions.

1. Unfold the knife. When you take your sommelier knife, the worm is folded in. Simply unfold it to use the tool.
2. Cut the aluminium foil which covers the cork with the foil cutter or the tip of the worm.
3. Screw the worm in. Make sure that you aim slightly off centre with the tip of the worm. Visualize the spiral loops as a straw, and position the straw in the centre of the cork – if you aim for the centre with the tip, uncorking will be harder.
Lightly press the tip into the top part of the cork. The gently spin the knife clockwise until only one loop of the worm is visible. Don’t go any further, you might screw right through and drop some cork into your wine.
4. And now for the final step: pull on the handle of the corkscrew while gently rocking the knife from one side to the other. Be gentle, or you might break the cork of your fine vintage.

How to make your corkscrew-equipped Laguiole truly unique?

Do you wish to be the owner of a one-of-a-kind knife? Why of course, you do. It is perfectly normal.
Do you wish to give a truly unique present? You’re just one customization request to Actiforge away from your goal.
In order to make your corkscrew-equipped folding knife singular and truly distinctive, there are two options:
• Customization.
• Blade engraving.
1. Customization means that you can choose every element of your knife, from the blade to the handle. This service allows you to custom-build the knife of your dreams – the one that will satisfy your every need.
2. The blade engraving option gives you the possibility of adding a message, initials, a significant date or even a logo. Anything that matters to you or the one who will receive this Laguiole knife.

To create a customized knife – go to our customization module here.
To learn more about all our engraving options – go to our dedicated page.


When buying a Laguiole knife, one must first choose the handle material, then the blade length and finally one has to consider this question : with or without a corkscrew ? Folding knives purists simply cannot agree on the matter and no wonder, since choosing a knife with or without a corkscrew depends on its intended use.

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