Whether you’d like to offer a knife, treat yourself to it or display your collection, you will find our range of boxes here.

A wooden case with a sharpener to give to a loved one, this is the perfect compliment to your present.

You will find in this range of boxes, ideal display cases to exhibit your most beautiful blades, keep them out of reach of children or elegantly offer Laguiole knives. This is a gift that is sure to leave its mark in people’s minds.

Slip your knife in a box worthy of its quality, for you know it : this box is the perfect finishing touch to the present you are giving.

Here is a link to a complete range of presentation cases for treating yourself, or others, or just showcasing your knife collection.
Showcase your Laguiole knives and give them away in style.  Here's a sure-fire way of making an unforgettable gift. Simply slip your knife into a case that highlights its true value: a presentation case is a sophisticated way to showcase the gift you are making!

Presentation boxes

You wouldn’t dream of offering a refined gift without a worthy package. At Actiforge, we do not like to do things halfway and we put at the disposal of our knives enthusiasts gift boxes fit for their passion.

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