Native region, heart region or adoptive region, discover Laguiole’s French regional knives on our website. Whether you are looking for a knife from Brittany, a knife from Corsica or from one of the 12 regions in our selection, you are sure to find what you’re looking for.

Since all the regional knives on our website are made according to local cutlery-making traditions, you will delight purists from everywhere in France.

For a gift, or for yourself, why not customize your regional knife by having its blade engraved ? Each region has its own history and Laguiole’s regional knives are a part of it. They epitomize French craftsmanship and quality.

Discover  on our website a knife from our regions we have selected, you are sure to find one to please. All the regional knives presented on our website are crafted respecting the local cutlery making traditions. Whether as a present or for your presonal use, don't hesitate to personalize by having the blade engraved. Each region has its history
and the regional Laguiole knives are part of it. They are a perfect example of the work of French craftsmen.

Regional French knives

With our French regional knives, no fights or controversies : French Laguiole enthusiasts all have a regional knife they hold dear. Whether you wish to delight someone from Brittany, Corsica or the Basque country, you may find in our Actiforge regional knives range the fine blade which will please them.

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