Since 2002, our customers can buy our products online. The team Laguiole Actiforge meets to all your requests.
The Actiforge Team guarantees a quality service

How to proceed ?

We guarantee our knives for life against any manufacturing problems, but we can anyhow repair accidental damage to your Laguiole knife (broken blade or spring, damaged handle, etc.)

But we do not repair counterfeit Laguiole
We are repairing the knives after receiving the settlement of estimate.
Return period: 15 days to 1 month

How to proceed?
You estimate the repairs needed and you consult the tariff of repairs

  • Credit Card Payment: France and other Countries

• Send us the photo of the knife to repair. The manufacturer's mark of the knife, situated on the blade must be visible.
• We will respond by telling you the price of repair and the cost of return postage.
You accept the quote: We send you a special letter to an online payment.
Upon receipt of payment we send the knife to the shop for repair.

Thank you for not sending pieces to repair without consulting us.

Address for sending the pieces to repair
Repair Service
4, Impasse Avenues

Tarif for repairs

The return postage will vary according to weight and destinations.
  Contact us to know the shipping costs.

Repairing Laguiole pocket knives

Changing of the blade57.60 €
Changing of the handle62.30 €
Changing of the spring58.10 €
Changing of the punch47.50 €
Changing of the corkscrew47.50 €

Repairing Laguiole tableware

Replacement of the handle 54.40 €

Please feel free to contact us if you need your Laguiole knife to be repaired.