This new collection is ready to rock the boat of traditional Laguiole knives. Here our master cutlery makers can express their originality and creativity.
In this Laguiole Design collection, the famous knife has been rejuvenated without losing its essence.
Discover stylized bolsters which give this new collection both a cleaner and more modern look. Handle choices are style vast, including composite mateials such as G10 as well as more conventional ones such as horn, wood or Izmir stone.
Look even closer… The new shapes of our Laguiole were designed on purpose to more closely resemble the Thiers knife.
To please someone or treat yourself, this new design collection offers both the legendary reliability of Laguiole knives and an out-of-the-ordinary look : artists will love it !

The target of this new range is to shake-up the traditional design of Laguiole’s knives. We have modernized it without spoiling it. The trademark Fly offers a new streamlined and modern appearance. It is also a strong reference to its origin from this town.

Laguiole design style

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