Made in Thiers since the beginning of the 20th century, this pocket knife was primarily used in the Eastern parts of France : Alsace, Lorraine and the Vosges mountains.
This stocky looking Alsatian pocket knife is also known as ‘massu’ or ‘Alsa’. Depending on the catalogues, you can also find it under ‘German’, ‘Boer’ or even ‘Nixdorf’ in a Cognet Manufacture catalogue dated from 1910– it is safe to say that it has as many names as qualities !
This regional knife features a distinctive broken tip and a snake-like handle with one or two bolsters. It has a typical silhouette, more or less wavy, but ith 2 rounded club-like handle tips.
Discover the Massu an alsatian knife with anglo-saxon roots, a stainless steel blade and a black-horn handle.

Alsatian knife

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