These steak knives are made out of natural materials : rosewood, boxwood, white or dark horn.. Invite nature to your table with these elegant blades inspired by the knives of our ancestors. Feeling original and delicate ? Choose our jay feathers steak knives series !

Treat yourself to tough and beautiful steak knives.
Laguiole table knives are made out of wood and horn. According to cutlery-making craftsmen tradtion, their blades have been designed to be very sharp, even when used daily. Let the unparalleled Laguiole quality enhance your everyday meals !

Treat yourself to these functional and aesthetic steak knives.
Laguiole table knives are crafted from wood and horn. Respectful of the Master Cutler tradition, the blades are designed to offer exceptional cutting-edge performance, even for daily use.
Now you can enjoy the flawless quality of Laguiole knives every day at the dinner table!

Horn and wood

Nature inspired these Actiforge items ! In this series dedicated to wooden and horn handles, fall for our modern yet natural-looking designs !

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