Whether you choose an ebony, stamina or aluminium handle, these fine knives are impeccaby shaped and their bird-winged profile slips delicately into their owner’s grip.
Elegant, charming and atypical, the Laguiole bird knife strikes both minds and hearts. Offer it or treat yourself to it, whether you are a man with a liking for fine blades or a woman looking for a fine-handled knife, easy to grip.
For knives amateurs and unique gifts lovers, Actiforge can also have your Laguiole bird knife engraved to design a personalised gift which will no doubt delight your loved ones.

Laguiole bird knives

The Bird Laguiole owes its elegant silhouette and nimble curves to its namesake. Some find it feminine, others enjoy its delicate features, but one thing is for certain, it moves everyone.

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