As a gourmet yourself, you do know that presentation is everything for fine cuisine. What would be the point of spending so much time lovingly cooking a homemade foie gras only to serve it with a serrated knife ? Blasphemy ! It would be like serving caviar in plastic spoons. There can be no faux-pas on a gourmet’s table.

Thanks to our foie gras cutlery set, you can serve this precious recipe while preserving the integrity of its appearance. Composed of a knife and spatula, these sets allow you to both cut your meat and serve it to your guests. No need to fear spoiling the lovely foie gras from your favourite butcher’s, you can now delight your guests with perfectly cut and served slices.

A perfect addition to your Laguiole cutlery set, these foie gras cutlery sets allow you to elegantly serve and present your finest dishes. They are sure to attract the finest gourmets to your table !

Laguiole Foie gras server set

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