For several years now, it has been making its comeback. Both a beautiful object and an everyday companion, it is the trendy accessory that you cannot do without anymore. That’s how efficient it is !

It takes some getting used to, but once it’s become a habit, men who shave with a straight-edge razor would never go back to using a disposable one.

To serve those who use their straight-razors everyday, including on the move, we offer cases which are both beautiful and convenient.

To display or keep your straight-razor safe, we also have a range of storage cases and boxes. Discover our range of straight razor.

Did you know : Straight razors give a very close and accurate shave but they also provide a natural peeling effect to your skin. Not only do they make your beard look perfect, they also leave your cheeks deliciously smooth… Your partner will love it ! ;-)

Display box & sheath

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