General conditions of sale

Since 2002, our customers can buy our products online. The team Laguiole Actiforge meets to all your requests.

Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance of general conditions

Completion of the order form on the site and confirmation of the order implies full and entire acceptance by users of the present General Condition of Sale, which shall be solely applicable to the contract thus concluded

2. Conclusion of contract of sale :

At any time, the site containsa commercial offer of sale of products which is not legally regarded as a permanent offer. A contract is only concluded where an order is confirmed by ACTIFORGE
(See « Methods of payment and acceptance of order »)

3. Acceptance and payment of order

Completion of the sale is subject to acceptance of the order by ACTIFORGE
Where the amount of the order excess 300 Euros, ACTIFORGE reserves the right to check the order to ensure that it is genuine.

Payment shall be by bank card.
The order shall be accepted once the order has been confirmed.
ACTIFORGE undertakes to inform the user by electronic mail, whether his or her order has been accepted, a maximum of 72 hours working days after the order has been received.
ACTIFORGE reserves the right not to register a payment and not to register an order for any reason it thinks fit, relating in particular to a product supply problem, a problem with thr order received, or a possible problem with the delivery to be carried out.

4. Obligations of the parties :


1° ACTIFORGE undertakes to deliver products in conformity with the user’s> However, orders are subject to stock being available.

2° ACTIFORGE undertakes to dispatch the goods ordered within eight (8) days of receiving orders.
In case of inventory shortage, or special fabrications ACTIFORGE proposes you a delivery time to the customer. The customer reserves the rigght to accept or not.

3° ACTIFORGE concludes a contract with the carrier whereby the latter undertakes to deliver the products to the address supplied by the user.


1° The user undertakes to supply an address to which the delivery can be made during working hours.

2° For countries outside French Metropolitan area the user undertakes to pay the price stipulated by ACTIFORGE, together with the customs duties, VAT and other taxes payable when the products are imported into the country delivery.
No return for non-payment of customs duties will be accepted.

5. Calculation of price

The price shown on the site is definitive.
It given in Euro, the sums shown in other currencies are indicative only.
Payment shall be by bank card only, and the amount shall be debited in Euros once the order has been accepted.
The price includes the price of the product, handling and packing.
It includes all taxes in the case of French Metropolitan area. In the case of other countries, the price quoted without taxes. Any customs duties and value-added tax payable in the countries into which the products are imported should be added.
These taxes are to be paid direct to the carrier at the time of delivery.

6. Transport and delivery

The products shall be sent to the adress supplied by the user within eight to fifteen days of the order being confirmed.

ACTIFORGE selects the carrier.

If the addressee is absent and there is no-one available to take possession of the products, the carrier shall leave a note indicating where the products may be picked up.
ACTIFORGE shall not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any deterioration in the products if they are collected late or not collected from the carrier.

Any occurrences af any kind beyond the control of ACTIFORGE, such as force majeure, accidents, industrial unrest, governmental decisions or stoppage of transport, which tends to delay or prevent completion of the delivery or make it exorbitant shall constitute cause for the obligations of ACTIFORGE to be suspended or cancelled, without compensation being payable to the user if the occurrence lasts in excess of one month.

Under no circumstances shall a delay in delivery give rise to payment of damages, deductions or cancellation of live orders.

7. Return of products, cancellation, refunds

7-1 Return of products :

It's must be made objections at the time the products are delivered, unless the consignment does not conform to the order quantitatively or when the packaging containing the products has been heavily damaged.

A delivery not conform must be signalef 8 days after after delivery.

7-2 Option to cancel :

In accordance with article L 121-16 of the French Consumer Code, purchasers have seven (7) days from the date of delivery of their order in which to return the product to the seller for exchange or refund without penalty, apart from the cost of returning the goods.
If purchasers choose to exercise this option to cancel, they shall be responsible for organizing and paying for the cost of returning the goods. The purchaser may request any information they require by e-mail, fax or telephone.

7-3 Refunds :

Any refunds shall be made by bank card or cheques.

8. Extebt of liability

The purchaser alone shall be responsible for choosing products, their protection from the time of delivery onwards and their use.

ACTIFORGE shall not be held responsible for failure to abide by legislative or regulatory provisions in force in the country of delivery, ACTIFORGE being solely responsible for abiding by the French regulations relating to the products.

9. Settlement of disputes

In case of problems, you can send a message to the following address :
E.mail : actiforge(a)

Neither ACTIFORGE nor the customer shall be held responsible for any non-fulfilment resulting from a case of force majeure, notably but not imitatively, cases of war, insurrection, interruption of transport, importation or exportation problems, industrial unrest, lock-outs, raw material shortage, fire, earthquake, flood or accidents occurring in the kiln.

The present General Conditions are governed by French law. The competent courts shall be those of the place of the head office of ACTIFORGE.