‘Seeking truth, studying morals and practicing solidarity’, proudly display the values of Freemasonry.

In this range reserved for initiates and lodges supporters, you will find a series of varied handles. You may have the symbol of your implication added to quality material handles : mother-of-pearl, juniper wood, lack horn… You may even go as far as opting for a Damas blade for your mason Laguiole.

In this special Laguiole edition, the square and compasses replace the famous knife’s traditional bee.

Just like the rest of our collection, the freemason series allows you to have the blade or handle of your knife customized, by engraving the name of the lodge or the name of the owner.

The Freemason's Laguiole, with its juniper wood or black horn handle, is a truly masonic Laguiole.
Blade and spring can be personalised by engraving the name of the lodge or the owner's name on either or both the blade and the spring.

The mason Laguiole and its leather case come in a gift box.

Free Mason's Laguiole

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