Discover our Basques knives : the Basque Yatagan, decorated with rosettes, and the Pilgrim’s knife, with a scallop shell. Crafted knives born of history and traditions.
Where does the name Yatagan come from and what is the point of the rosettes ? What is the history behind the Basque Compostelle knife ? Discover in this range of Basque knives all at once the history and culture of a region and the men who traveled its paths to find their way.

The Basque Country is a region rich in traditions and customs, born of its proud people, deeply attached to their roots and land.
To spoil a boisterous child of the Southwest, to honour of of your forefathers who came from the Basque Country or simply out of love for the beauty of its design, give a Laguiole Basque knife.
Like all other Actiforge collection knives, our knives are made and assembled by hand. They come with a certificate of orgin and a lifetime warranty.

Basque knife

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