Your your customized Laguiole knife

For those who want a knife that reflects their image and is irreplaceable, we offer a complete customisation service for Laguiole knives.

Laguiole: customizable 100% French manufacturing



Your made-to-measure Laguiole knife

For those who want a knife that reflects their image and is irreplaceable, we offer a complete customisation service for Laguiole knives.

  • The model (blade only, corkscrew, punch)
  • The colour of its handle
  • The mitre
  • The size
  • The spring
  • Engraving (optional)

Laguiole ? What a story!

Who hasn't heard of Laguiole knives? They are not made exclusively in Laguiole. There are in fact two manufacturing areas: Laguiole in Aveyron and Thiers in Auvergne. Our knives are all made in Auvergne. Six centuries of cutlery - that counts for something!
Thiers is a town that has lived to the rhythm of its forges and polishing workshops. These are the blacksmiths who carry the Thiers cutlery tradition all over France. The "à l'abeille" brand comes from a line of professional cutlers who offer you products of impeccable quality, guaranteed to be of French origin.

Did you know that it was former cutlers from the Auvergne who became café owners who launched the success of the corkscrew knife? These blacksmiths, who moved to Paris after the war, never forgot their roots and played a major role in the spread of knives with corkscrews in the capital.

Cutlery: Real expertise

How do you get the perfect Laguiole? You need a love of work, the expertise of the blacksmiths and the imagination of the cutlers of Thiers or Laguiole. To make a revolutionary knife, you don't need die-hard Gaulish conservatives, you need blacksmiths who are passionate about their craft.

Some cutlers have broken the mould by making aluminium handles, others by changing the spring system. All have contributed to the evolution of the Laguiole-style folding knife. The Musée du couteau in Thiers now passes on the history of traditional Laguiole knife-making.

The Laguiole by Actiforge: a knife that's just like you.

The Actiforge team offers you more than just a Laguiole knife. We offer you your own unique Laguiole.
Because you are unique, we offer you the opportunity to have your knife personalised. Whether you want it to reflect your passion for music or football or to bear your name - you can personalise your blade.
You can choose every element that makes up your Laguiole with our customisation tool. Choice of handle material, handle size, small or large blade, damascus steel, fly style: indulge yourself.
All our knives come with a certificate of origin. They are all made entirely in France, and our company has been awarded the "Label Origine France Garantie", a guarantee of the quality of our products.

Frequently asked questions

Don't hesitate to consult our FAQ if you have any questions about Laguiole knives or our services.

The GI guarantees that your knife has been made in the Aveyron or Thiers region.

This indication also certifies that all the manufacturing operations have complied with precise specifications.

Our folding knives do not like water. You can run a little water over the blade but not over the handle. As a general rule, pocket knives can be wiped but not washed.

Regular sharpening will keep your knife sharp.

Our Laguiole knives come with a lifetime guarantee. Each box contains a certificate of origin and a lifetime guarantee.

Our knives are packaged in a black magnetic cardboard box. The box is enclosed in a neutral envelope to prevent theft. We avoid plastic materials as much as possible, preferring cardboard for cushioning.