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    Each knife is unique , made in the greatest respect for tradition cutlery Laguiole . A knife with you day after day.

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cutler's advice

cutler's advice

How to buy the best knife ?

History of Laguiole knife

Cutlery appeared in Lagiuole in late XVIIIth century. It became famous from 1860.

History of Laguiole knife
Maintenance of your Laguiole knife

Maintenance of your Laguiole knife

How to sharpen your knife ?

Once upon a time, Laguiole

Laguiole ? What a history !

Who can say that they have never heard of Laguiole and its knives ? The first cutlery-makers arrived in Laguiole as early as 1828. Surely almost two centuries of cutlery-making in Aveyron count for something !
There’s more to Auvergne than just its cheeses !

Laguiole in Aubrac is a city which has been living to the rhythm of its smithies and polishing workshops for ages. And its master blacksmiths are the guardians of Thier’s cutlery-making tradition everywhere in France.
The bee brand comes from a long line of professional cutlery-makers which delivers everyday impeccable quality products, with a guaranteed French origin.

Did you know : Former auvergne cutlery-makers turned café owners invented and spread the use of the combined knife and corkscrew. Those blacksmiths who had moved to Paris after the war never forgot their roots and largely contributed to the expansion of combined knives and corkscrews in the capital.

Cutlery-making : a true skill

What makes a Laguiole so perfect ? Loving work and master craftsmen skills as well the the imagination of the Thiers cutlery makers. Turning a knife into a revolution doesn’t take a village of opinionated Gauls, but a whole city of passionate blacksmiths.Comment faire pour avoir un Laguiole parfait ?

Some cutlery makers broke the rules by manufacturing aluminium-handled knives, others by changing the spring system. Each of them contributed to the evolution of the Laguiole folding knife.

Nowadays, the Thiers knife museum passes down to the public the history of the Laguiole craftsmen’s manufacturing techniques.

Laguiole by Actiforge : a knife in your image

The Actiforge team offers you more than a Laguiole knife. We offer you your own unique Laguiole.
Because you are unique, we give you the opportunity to have your own personnalized knife. Whether you want it to reflect your passion for music or football, or whether you want it engraved with your name – it is possible to have your blade customized.
You can choose each component of your Laguiole thanks to our customization tool. Handle material, handle size, small or large blade, damas steel, bolster look : don’t hold back.
All our knives come with a certificate of origin. Our production is made in France and our company has earned the ‘Label Origine France’ certification, proof of the quality of our products.Tous nos couteaux sont livrés avec certificat d'origine.