A bread knife is a knife with a long and serrated blade which generally measures between 18 and 25 cm long. It is designed to cut through all sorts of breads.
It is a knife which is found on all tables, whether for special occasions or everyday meals. It is ideally suited to slicing the famous baguette or a Sunday’s fresh loaf. Take a greedy person’s word for it, there’s nothing like a French bread knife to feast !
Made according to the Laguiole cutlery-maers, our bread knives are designed to be robust and easy to maintain tools. They’re a must-have for all tables !
Did you know : Any bread knife should manage to slice through bread without crushing it, be it the crunchiest of baguettes… See how hard it is to find a bread knife up to the task !

There’s nothing quite like a French bread knife for slicing through the famous baguette or a freshly-baked Sunday loaf.
Upholding the skilful tradition of the Laguiole master cutlers, our bread knives are made to be functional and easy to clean. They are the vital complement to any decent dinner table!

Laguiole bread knife

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