Advantages of a straight razor shave.


Granted, the starting costs to begining shaving with a straight razor are slightly higher than with conventional razors. But once you have bought everything you need, you are set up for life. You will never need to buy extra razor blades or disposable razors ever again. All you need to do is sharpen your straight razor and it can be used again – no need to go to the supermarket to resupply. The only cost you are looking at now is some shaving cream… Not exactly extravagant.


Modern razors and disposable razors produce avoidable waste. Once you are done using a set of blades, you need to throw it away. When you buy new blades, there is always a bunch of packaging that ends up in the waste. Straight razor shaving cuts down on all this waste and goes even further. The only waste produced are foam and beard hair…. So here’s a big thank you from our planet !


Shaving with a straight razor has meditative virtues. It is an art which requires you to slow down and really focus on what you are doing. After a few strokes of the razor, you may begin to feel like you are entering an incredibly manly zen state of mind. Peace of mind is priceless.

Feeling like a bad boy

You now shave with a tool that could be turned into a lethal weapon. Handling razor-sharp steel without hurting yourself kind of turns you into an everyday hero – how classy is that?

Caring for your skin

Shaving with a straight razor helps keep your skin young thanks to the subtle peeling effect provided by each stroke of the blade. Everyday you are more handsome than the day before… what else could a man ask for ?

How to care for your straight razor?

Simply stroking it against a leather honing strop belt helps keep the edge of your razor in good condition. Straight razors should be properly cared for in order to guarantee their unparalleled shaving quality.
While stainless steel razors are less demanding in this regard, other types of razors must be rinsed in freshwater and carefully dried after each use to avoid rust and stains on the blade.
It is also important not to store your razor in a wet and enclose dspace in order to avoid natural wear. When it is not being used for long periods of time, it is also advisable to lubricate the blade with some oil to help prevent damaging the pivoting mechanism?
Do not leave it in a drawer unprotected either, slip it into a box or a sleeve – it will preserve the blade as well as the beauty of the handle.

How often should you hone your razor blade ?

Depending on your use, you should sharpen your blade with approximately 40 strokes before each shave. Many people prefer sharpening after each shave, this decision is up to you. Keep in mind that you absolutely must keep your blade very sharp.
In order to maintain your strop belt, make sure that you hang it up after each use. Do not fold it, as it could damage the leather surface and prevent proper sharpening of your blade.
Always move the blade by pushing it towards the back, never in the direction of its edge. The blade should never leave the leather, simple slide it back and forth on each side.
To ensure a smooth shave and perfect cut, the blade of your straight razor should be thin and hollow, as well as sharp, of course. Select a stropping belt from our shaving section to give your styling partner the best possible care.
You are sure to turn heads with your ultra-precise shave and your unique style – all your friends will envy your morning ritual !

Straight razors

Enjoy the unique feel of an old school shave thanks to our wide selection of straight razors.
No need to make an appointment with your barber for a perfect shave. Accurate reproductions of old-time razors, the Laguiole straight razor is both the simplest and the most accomplished tool ever.

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