With some patience and a good technique, you will be able to easily keep your blade sharp. Therefore you are sure to keep your knife in perfect condition, with an edge that makes it safe to use.

Did you know that very often accidents are caused by blunt knives ? People have to use strength instead of enjoying a smooth and uniform slicing and very often, when they insist, they slip and risk injuring themselves !

How can I easily sharpen my knife? How can I easily make my scissors charp again? Are these questions that you frequently ask yourself ? Then here is the perfect tool for you.

You do not need any specific training, this blade sharpener will let you quickly and easily sharpen your blades. This little device takes up little space in the kitchen, it is always at hand to keep your blades in top condition.

Unsure how to use it ? Look at the how-to guide on the sharpener itself.

More about tungsten steel : In terms of hardness, this metal scores between 6.5 and 7.5 on Mohs scale, which is similar to tempered steel. Tungsten carbide’s hardness is even more exceptional. That is why tungsten carbide is the type used in manufacturing tools for machining or sharpening purposes!


Note : 12C27 or 440 stainless steels are much harder to sharpen than carbon steel. 
Getting a satisfyingly sharp edge requires not only proper equipment but also proficiency in sharpening techniques.

Useful accessories for the protection and upkeep of your knives.


If you wish to keep your knife for many years, you need to sharpen it properly. Getting the right equipment is the first step to sharpening your Laguiole. The sharpeners we offer you in the Actiforge shop will enable to maintain your favourite knife on your own.

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