The Auvergne saying goes ‘France is just Auvergne with stuff around it’ Needless to say that not only do worthy men live in Auvergne, but we also owe the best French cutlery-makers to this beautiful region, and that is saying something !

To be perfectly honest, the Auvergne range Laguiole knives are amazing examples of the craft of the Massif Central cutlery-makers.

And to satisfy even the most demanding Auvergne experts, we included in this range many knives reminiscent of the Auvergne people : tough, reliable timeless – treasures from the middle lands, in short.

Discover here some variations on the famous Thiers Laguiole knife, the Stylver and the Yssingeaux – with handles made of fine materials such as galuchat or juniper burr… A lovely selection fit to delight even the most demanding Auvergnats around you !

The Auvergne region gives us the "Stylver" and "L'Yssingeaux" with their brushed stainless steel blades. Discover the history of these regional knives.

Auvergne knife

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