Whether you choose the multicoloured Laguiole cutlery set or the 24-piece stainless Prestige, each guarantees perfet craftsmanship, following the Laguiole range traditions of luxury and quality. With the Actiforge cutlery range, you no longer need to choose between beautiful and convenient !

The French art of fine dining takes preparation. Turn your table into a true ode to refined pleasures. Whether you are a home chef or a master at hosting guests, you need cutlery to match your talents.

We bring you a wide selection of cutlery sets to set your party table or to enjoy quality everyday meals. You don’t have to choose between elegance and toughness anymore, with the Laguiole cutlery sets you have cutlery which will delight your guests and go in the dishwasher both !

Laguiole cutlery set

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