In our Original Laguiole Collection range, all knives posses great quality handles, with an impeccable finish, made out of extra-ordinary materials. These Laguiole were designed to be both atypical and truly tough.

Fleurs de lys, boar, scallop shell, eagle, Maltese cross, clover, horseshoe, Corsican emblem, have replaced the traditional bee on the spring.
These knives are perfect to please fine blades amateurs who enjoy singular-looking items and knives with a truly un-traditional design.
To round-up their uniqueness, why not have the blad engraved accoring to your fancy ? Ask our team about all the possibilities !

Novelty Laguiole collection

In need of a novel looking Laguiole knife ? Looking for an original-looking blade ? Here you will find our range of Original Laguiole knives.

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