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STEP 1. Choose your model :

  • one blade one blade
  • with corkscrew with corkscrew
  • with corkscrew and awl with corkscrew and awl

STEP 2. Which handle do you prefer?

Choosing the right handle
Choose a subject :

STEP 3. Which bolster do you prefer?

Choosing the right bolster
Choose a bolster:

    STEP 4. What size would you like?

    Choosing the right size

      STEP 5. Which blade suits you best?

      Choosing the right blade
      Type of blade :

        STEP 6. Which spring do you want?

        Choosing the right spring
        Type of spring :

          STEP 7. Would you like an engraving? (optional)

          + 6.14 €

          Customise the engraving on your blade (20 characters max.)

          + 4.2 € / character

          Letters are engraved by hand on the spring, to order, before tempering. The knife is then assembled using the materials of your choice.

          From 109.18  €
          Production time: 2 weeks
          Free delivery from €89

          Our workshop is currently on holidays.  The customized Laguiole module will operate again from 16 August.

          Thank you for your understanding.


          About customization

          Your personalised knife will be delivered in a black magnetic box. Here is a photo of the box. You also have the option of adding gift wrapping and a courtesy message with your knife. This option is free of charge and can be found after the account creation stage. 

          Our customised Laguiole knives take 2 weeks to make. 

          Your knife comes with a lifetime guarantee.

          Our company is audited every year by Veritas.

          Our Laguiole knives carry the ORIGINE FRANCE GUARANTEED label.

          You have 30 days to return the item if it does not suit you. In this case, a PDF return form will be sent to you by e-mail to return the parcel free of charge.

          The box containing the knife is packaged in a bubble bag. We use neutral packaging to prevent any attempts at theft while the parcel is in transit.

          Yes, we can also engrave an image on the blade. This engraving will be done on a surface of about 1.5 cm². It is therefore recommended that you send us a simple image without too much detail.

          The additional cost for this image engraving is 10 €.

          You can send us your image by contacting customer service.

          Yes, it is possible to engrave a symbol or image in addition to the text.

          Here is a list of symbols, which is not exhaustive. We recommend placing the image on the left as close as possible to the handle and the text to the right of this image.

          As a general rule, it's the choice of size that determines whether a knife is for a man or a woman. It's easier to give a small knife to a woman who can slip it into her handbag than to a strong man who prefers to attach it to his belt. The choice of size is made in step 4 of the configurator. We recommend a size of 11 or 12 cm for men and 9 or 10 cm for women.

          Be careful, a knife cuts and we don't recommend it for children. However, we do have a strong demand for symbolic gifts for special occasions, such as first communion. In this case, we recommend a 10 or 11 cm size and a low-maintenance stainless steel blade.

          Any other questions?

          Don't hesitate to consult our FAQ if you have any questions about Laguiole knives or our services.

          A little inspiration

          Since 1990, over 100,000 knives have been customized by us.

          Made 100% in France, each product is handcrafted by passionate artisans. Their elegant designs and quality finishes will meet your expectations and personalized needs.

          We are committed to short lead times: place your order and you'll receive it within two weeks.

          A unique folding knife for a unique person

          To bring your passion to life, we offer you the opportunity to personalize your folding knives. This accessory, like any other fashion accessory, deserves to be adapted to your desires and requirements. Personalized folding knives will satisfy all enthusiasts, whatever their use (cooking, collecting), whatever your personality, or that of the person you want to please.

          Rare, durable items, guaranteed for life

          Laguiole Actiforge knives, stamped with the wild boar mark, are guaranteed for life.

          Make a difference by personalizing your gift, because we offer :

          - rare materials: precious woods, horn, recomposed stone, shells, etc.

          We can make very special handles. It's possible to make a handle from your own materials. For example, you can send us a piece of wood and we'll shape it in-house.

          - various sizes (from 9 cm to 12 cm) and types of blade, such as carbon or stainless steel.

          Most of our blades are made of stainless steel. This material is more resistant and requires less maintenance. These types of blade are therefore ideal as gifts for beginners. If, on the other hand, you're very careful and wipe down your companion every time you use it, opt for a carbon blade. You'll appreciate its high cutting quality. For your information, all our damascus blades are made from stainless steel.

          - different bolster materials: stainless steel or brass

          The bolsters are the 2 ends of the handle. This option is simply a question of aesthetics, as brass is no more resistant than stainless steel and vice versa.

          For even more originality, we suggest you engrave your gift by :

          - personalizing the spring

          The spring is the metal part opposite the blade. This is the back of the knife.

          The special feature of this engraving is its timeless character, since it is embossed and will last as long as the knife itself. It is possible to engrave a first name (or initials), a date or an age. The guilloche is then filed on both sides of the spring.

          - engraving on the blade: using a laser, you can write a name or a short message (2 lines maximum).

          We offer 6 different fonts. Customization of your knife is carried out by means of a fiber laser, which creates a relief to the touch. We also offer the option of engraving a logo or image. Simply send us a jpeg file.

          For everyone and every occasion Offering or buying a custom-made Laguiole knife is an original and unique gift for yourself or for someone else. Indeed, any event is a good opportunity to offer a personalized folding knife:

          - For a birthday

          - For the festive season

          - For Father's or Mother's Day

          - For the success of a project or victory in a competition

          - For a wedding or engagement

          - For a corporate or retirement gift

          All the conditions are met to choose the best gift for yourself or your loved ones, a simple, personal and lasting pleasure.

          Modular cost

          The price  will depend on each of its components.

          You have several options:


          - an unique model by laser-engraving the blade

          - engraving the spring: this requires a different technique, so don't hesitate to ask for a quote.


          Take control of your idea by creating your personalization directly on our website.

          A complete customization tool is at your disposal, enabling you to create the item of your dreams in just a few simple, guided steps:

          Decide on the handle type, model, blade type, bolster, spring and engraving.

          Make your choice directly, and we'll take care of the rest! Our knives are guaranteed for life, so this pleasure is a gift that will last you for years to come!

          Ordering a personalized engraved knife from Actiforge is simple. All you have to do is choose from the options offered on our configurator, select the model, handle and bolster type, and add any text you wish. Our team of experienced craftsmen will take care of the rest, ensuring that your knife is made with care and precision.

          We're proud to carry on the tradition of French cutlery and combine it with personalization to create unique knives that become true family heirlooms. Order your personalized engraved knife today and give pleasure to those you love.



          The Laguiole Actiforge commitment


          When you personalize your knife, you're choosing quality, tradition and French elegance. We're proud of the quality of our products, which is why we deliver them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know, and we'll do everything we can to resolve the problem.


          If you feel that the possibilities offered by this configurator are limited, please don't hesitate to contact us. We've already produced some original creations, such as a spring with the symbol of justice combined with acacia wood, or a pocket knife made from a special horn supplied by a customer.


          Don't hesitate to challenge us with original ideas. We look forward to continuing to learn and grow from you.