Our knives are made in the town of Thiers, in the Auvergne region. The cutlery tradition of Le Thiers is a guarantee of high-quality steel. Altough the knife manufacturing process has evolved with time, Laguiole knives remain handcrafted knives handcrafted knives. Our knives are adjusted by hand according to ancestral methods. They have a lifetime warranty
manufacturing workshop in Thiers

Our knives are made in Thiers, in Auvergne. Thiers’ cutlery-making tradition dates back to the 15th century, when the pure water flowing down from the Massif Central mountains gave steel tempering an exceptional character. Cutlery-making has become more modern of course, but Laguiole knives making remains a craft.

Knife assembly is a key step in the Laguiole manufacturing process. Our cutlery-makers take the greatest care when performing it since it is when you knife acquires its solidity, impeccable finish and perfect locking characteristics.

Our knives are adjusted by hand according to age-old methods. We guarantee their perfect finish, the quality of each of the elements they are made of as well as the seamless fit of all the components together. How serious are we about this ? Our Laguioles come with a lifetime guarantee.

Assembling the knife into images

Assembling the knife into images

After a rigorous quality control of parts, the cutler begins the hand assembly and shaping of the knife.

  • He prepares the wooden board for the handle.
  • He makes a first assembly.
  • He makes the final assembly and finishing polishing and sharpening

Preparing the handle

Preparing of wooden board is the first operation to prepare the handle

1 The plates are used as template cutting wood platelets to the right size

woods takes size of the plates

2 The wooden board are adjusted to the shape of the plates

Carve of wood board

3 Wooden board are pre-drilled for easy mounting of the knife

drilling of wood board

First assembly

First assembly of the knife

1 The knife handle
is assembled for the first time.

first assembly of the handle

handle assembled

2 The curvature of the handle shaped by the work to the abrasive belt

work on the curve of the handle

curve of the handle


Disassembly of knife handle

1 The handle is disassembled and the plates are polished
dismantling the handle and polishing platens

2 A roulette wheel adorns the upper of the plates

ornament on the plates with a roulette weehl

Final assembly

Final assembly of the knife

Parts of the knife are prepared, they have to be assembled

assembly of the knifeassembly of wooden boards of the knife
wooden boards adjustment with the front bolsterwooden boards adjustment with the front bolster image 2
knife blade assemblycalibration of the knife spring
assembly of the back knife rivet

 the knife is fully assembled


Finishes of the knife

A last passage to the abrasive belt makes a shape gently curved to the knife's handle

the curve of the handle is shaped with an abrasive belt

finishing the knife

Final polishing of blade and handle

polishing of blade and handle

the cutler sharps the blade wire

Last sharpening for blade

last sharpening of the blade