With Actiforge, there are a myriad of possibilities to customize your Laguiole folding knife.You may also opt for a folding knife design with a corkscrew. Finally, if you wish to offer a pocket Laguiole knife, you might want to choose a knife which comes in one of our superb sheaths with a small sharpening rod.Each product was made with the greatest care according to the Laguiole French cutlery-making tradition, which renders each folding knife unique – you can even customize it with a name such as « David » or a date , such as your birthday.In our Workshop section, learn about the various steps in the making of a hand-crafted Laguiole knife, born of a centuries-old know-how. The quality and precision of this ‘made in France’ craftmanship allow us to offer a lifetime guarantee on our Laguiole Actiforge knives.

What is a Laguiole folding knife?
A folding knife is a knife with a retractable blade inside the handle. It is a straight knife but has an articulation. The traditional closing system is the “forced notch”.
Multiple accessories and options are possible. Indeed, Laguiole folding knives are traditionally handcrafted and are guaranteed for life.
The size of folding knives allows everyone to use it on a daily basis.
There are a wide selection of Laguiole folding knives
To meet your desires and needs as closely as possible, we offer several ranges:

  •  folding knives with or without corkscrews (with a single blade)

Whether your knives are fitted with a corkscrew or not, the range offered is wide:

  •  it can be linked to a commitment: Laguiole Confrérie, Laguiole Franc-Maçons
  •  it can also be linked to an artistic membership: Laguiole birds, Laguiole signs of the zodiac
  •  with a pump system: it completes the "forced notch" system and further reinforces the safety of your folding knife. The knife can be stored in a pocket without fear.

Choosing the right Laguiole folding knife
Different handle materials are used:

  •  wood: olive wood, ebony, rosewood etc.
  •  horn: blond horn

In addition, if you are in humid or extreme environments, you can choose composite materials such as Paperstone, ABS or aluminum: these materials will resist even better in hostile conditions.
How to choose your Laguiole folding knife?
To choose your Laguiole knife, you can select:

  •  for practical reasons
  •  aesthetics
  •  aesthetics and practicality

The choice of your Laguiole folding knife can also be oriented in relation to technical criteria:

  •  the choice of blade: several sizes are available depending on your palm. The hardness of the blade is also to be taken into account.
  •  the choice of handle: wood, paperstone, aluminum

Who is the Laguiole folding knife for?
It is indeed an accessory for oneself or to give as a gift. The Laguiole folding knife is an original gift.
The use of the Laguiole folding knife is essential for all occasions:

  •  leisure activities
  •  for pleasure
  •  for the kitchen
  •  for a particular activity such as hunting
  •  For nature lovers

A Laguiole folding knife, for what price?
The price is variable depending on the options and choice of materials you will make. Thus, buying a Laguiole folding knife is possible, whatever the budget.

Laguiole pocket knives

Discover on our website a selection of Laguiole folding knives, made according to the Thiers cutlery-maing tradition. You can choose from different materials for the handles : olive-tree wood, ebony, honey-coloured horn… the length of the blade will depend on the size of your hand, and the style of the bolsters, on your sense of taste ! 

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