What is the point of being such a fine cook if you can’t properly serve your dishes ? With the Laguiole serving cutlery, your presentation will be spotless.
Different sorts of cutlery and materials are available to you : cheese knives, bread knive, cake knives, foie gras knives, salad serving cutlery, but also cutting sets. You will therefore be able to cut up and serve your Suday roast without spoiling your perfectly cooked meat. The crunchiest of baguettes will be cut without a crumb with abread knife and the cheese will go round the table from guest to guest with its characteristic two-pronged knife. A table as beautiful as your menu is delicious, with cutlery fit for the chef and his or her guests.
This is an ideal gift idea for your loved ones who enjoy throwing a party and inviting people over.
Look up our Laguiole serving cutlery, made in France by craftsmen, pour unforgettable meals.

Server set

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