« Degemer mat e Breizh !» Now you can find a slice of breton history in our range of breton knives. Filled with traditions and fishermen’s tales, Brittany is a land of adventures, men and salted butter (but we’re drifting off topic here...).

Just like those who made them famous, breton knives are both tough, reliable and smell of the sea breeze. Decorated with a triskel, an anchor or with a rounded-blade (the only kind formerly allowed on board), the range of Laguiole breton knives will delight fans of Western lands and sailors of all kinds. And as the breton saying goes ‘I am not afraid of the Gauls, hard is my heart, sharp is my steel’. What about you ? Which blade will become your faithful companion ?

Steeped with history, the Breton knife is the fisherman's knife by excellence!
Laguiole Actiforge offers you two different models:


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