When knives become a real passion, they gradually turn into coveted objects that you'd like to always have in your home. And whatever the shape or style, the desire to own them pushes you to break the codes.

That's why we offer you these knives in kit form. You may already have fixed or folding models assembled in our workshops. Now it's time to buy these do-it-yourself kit models.

You'll discover new things as you handle these different pieces. Quality, durability and aesthetics are their mottos.

The different Laguiole knife kit models

Take time to observe and admire these Laguiole knives in kit form. Aren't they amazing? They're a change from the factory-assembled knives. Sure, they'll take up a bit of your free time to assemble the various parts. But between you and me, it's well worth it, because holding each element in your hand is like a dream come true.

In all, there are 6 new models.

- Stainless steel knife kit

- Brass knife kit

- Knife kit with brass bolsters

- Knife kit with stainless steel bolsters

- Knife kit with corkscrew and brass bolsters

- Knife kit with corkscrew and stainless steel bolsters

Noble, durable materials to create beautiful pieces

A kit is made up of several elements. Whether you prefer simplicity or complexity, these pieces guarantee superior quality thanks to their manufacturing materials.

As always, Laguiole Actiforge has selected noble materials for its knife kits. This choice not only creates luxury items, but also durable creations that you can keep with you for life.

One example is the use of 12C27 stainless steel for the design of the blade. Renowned for its resistance and corrosion resistance, this type of steel forms a protective film on the surface of the blade, giving it unrivalled strength.

In addition to stainless steel, brass has also been chosen for the components of these kit knives. It's very easy to work with, and cutlers love it for its ability to resist corrosion. Most Laguiole knife plates are made of brass. The smooth, satin-finish surface of this material enhances the knives' elegant appearance.

And even if you don't use them, they'll remain collector's masterpieces that you'll display in a beautiful showcase. Maintain regularly and admire without moderation.

The quality and magnificence of French craftsmanship

The history of Laguiole is inextricably linked with the Thiers basin. It was here that this legendary label was born and the first knife produced.

Many years later, Laguiole continues to produce its various knife models in the Thiers basin. These kit knives were born in the same locality.

All parts have been manufactured there, guaranteeing their quality and refinement. In other words, French-made knives are far from being the best and most coveted.

Only the wooden inserts have not been shaped in the basin. The quality remains intact, however, as these pieces are made from noble woods such as rosewood.

Cases to protect your knives

As you can see, each knife kit comes with a case containing the parts to be assembled.

This attractive black box not only protects the kit, but also enhances the elegance of each set.

The brand hasn't chosen a cardboard box or bag to hold the parts. Instead, it has opted for a bespoke case to enhance the quality of the knives and, above all, to confirm the authenticity of the product. Like the knives, the cases are made from durable, resistant materials.

Precise illustrated assembly instructions, to be read and followed to the letter

You've just received your Laguiole knife kit, so it's time to open it up and check what's inside.

The various parts are neatly arranged in their own dedicated space. Do-it-yourselfers or not, you'll have no trouble assembling them. In fact, Laguiole makes assembly easy and practical by providing clear, illustrated assembly instructions. You can rely on the illustrations and instructions to help you assemble them successfully.

It's a moment to remember, and the result will be a true moment of happiness!

laguiole knife in kit

If you're a lover of refined, luxury cutlery, you'll be fascinated by these knife kits. This category will let you discover the originality of Laguiole Actiforge cutlery, and will surely awaken the DIY enthusiast in you.

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