Our range of Plexiglas and ABS Laguiole table knives provides flawlessly sharp, robust and elegant cutlery.
Designed for your everyday needs, these knives are easy to care for and go in the dishwasher without tarnishing their beauty.
Acquiring durable knives with a modern design that do not require drastic care or maintenance, isn’t this the best idea to compliment your cutlery set ?
Why not add to these Plexiglas knives set a set of Actiforge forks to give as a wedding gift to a couple of newlyweds ready to settle in their love nest ?

Treat yourself to knives made for everyday use without having to sacrifice quality and aesthetics.
Our range of laguiole table knives in acrylic and ABS offer you stylish and functional cutting-edge performance.
Designed to alleviate your everyday tasks, these knives are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe to make sure they retain their beautiful shine.

ABS and acrylic glas

Convenient or chic cutlery, that is the question. Our answer : both !
With our range of Plexiglas and ABS Laguiole knives, treat yourself to knives perfectly suited to daily use without giving up on quality and beauty.

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