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Forging is part of the Nourrisson family tradition, originally from Thiers.

The cutlery-making tradition of Thiers dates back to the 15th century, when the purity of the waters of the Massif Central enabled steel to be tempered to exceptional quality.

Manufacturing has modernized, but the Laguiole knife remains a traditional craft.

The first factory to produce a range of forged tools was founded by Claude Nourrisson, in Montbrison, in 1897. Jean Nourrisson heads the Knives department. All knives sold by Actiforge are crafted from parts made in Thiers and assembled by hand using ancestral artisan methods. Actiforge lets you benefit from the experience of a cutler who offers you top-of-the-range Laguiole knives direct from the workshop, as well as handcrafted items selected for their quality and originality.

Since 2000, we've had a team at your disposal to serve you online.

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