A knife for her… because she's worth it!

Published : 2016-09-10 09:59:04
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 Indeed, do we really need to remind you that:
1- Knives can also be of use to women, and not just in the kitchen
2- A woman with a knife is a … well-equipped woman, not to be underestimated.

laguiole bottine

Why should a woman use a nail-clipper, a file or a pair of scissors to do what a manly man does with his manly knife? Why indeed...

A woman may for instance use her pocket knife to:
●    Curl the ribbons on the presents she's wrapping up
●    Trim the stems of the flowers she's just been offered before puttig them in a vase
●    Treat herself to a nice slice of dry sausage just after buying it at the market stall
●    Get rid off the incriminating ''Sales'' tag before offering clothing to her friend
●    Cut off the trailing thread which mars the beauty of her winter coat
●    Eagerly cut through the packaging of these delicious cakes.

As you can see, very little imagination is required to realize that for women just as for men, knives are precious everyday allies!

What about you ladies, how do you use your knives? Let us know in the comments !

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