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Published : 2017-09-13 09:58:15
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craftsmen with some unique skills

We have some world class monuments and useums. We have star chefs, a rich and sublime cuisine which many heads of states are fond of.

We have also have craftsmen with some unique skills, often copied but rarely equaled. There are talented woodworkers, able to give  a second youth to centuries-old furniture, master painters who give light and brightness back to time-faded paintings, golden-fingered seamstresses which repair precious fabrics or weave them as they used to be woven in the olden days...

And then there are cutlery makers.

French cutlery art.


Of course the original creation of knives cannot be claimed to be purely French, as the use of silex was widely spread !

However, the history of French cutlery making has been remarkable since the Middle Ages.
That’s when some cities such as Thiers, Nogent or Nontron begin specializing in the craft of making knives.
Each region was going to develop their unique know-how which will give birth to world-renowned knives, still famous today.
But the most famous city, in terms of forges and famous cutlery makers is of course Thiers. The first cutlery makers appeared in this town around the 15th century and nowadays it is still synonymous with cutlery expertise.
Nowadays, Thiers cutlery makers account for roughly 70 % of all French knives , which is why it deserves its title of world cutlery capital.

Why offering a Laguiole knife is sure to get you noticed

couteau G10
Whether you are a private individual looking for a gift for a loved one, or a professional in search of quality corporate gifts, you have the same objective : being original and offering the perfect gift.
By choosing a Laguiole knife as a present, you are sure to please and to stand out from any one else who offers a generic gift.
You may have the blade personalized with the name of your company, or that of your friend. This is sure to please the person who will receive your surprise.
Use the skills of our master cutlery makers to jump in the spotlight !

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