Everything you need to know about the customized Laguiole folding knife

Published : 2017-11-06 17:53:38
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It only takes a few minutes to create a truly unique gift !

Customizing your Laguiole forlding knife in 7 simple steps

1.    Choose the handle material : brown or black horn, precious wood, mother-of-pearl, crisallium… Among so many choices, one is bound to be just right for you or your loved one.

2.    Model : simple folding knife, with a corkscrew or with both a corkscrew and a punch, here too you get to choose the purpose of your Laguiole

3.    Size: it is up to you to decide, depending on the size of your hand, or the hand of your friend, which size will be best suited.

4.    Blade material: stainless steel or carbon ? You get to choose your favourite.

5.    Bolster: more than just a detail, it is an element in itself which lends personality to your laguiole knife. Stainless steel or brass, which one shall best compliment the handle you chose ?

6.    Spring : Engraved by hand or soldered? Engraved is a must for for knife lovers. It is the Rolls of springs. To learn more about this, read our article on the topic https://www.couteau-laguiole.com/fr/content/43-ressort-mouche-abeille .

7.    Engraving: you have reached the final step. What would you like to keep forever engraved on your Laguiole ? A date ? A name ? A brand ? A logo ?

Your letters are hand etched into the steel then the engraved spring is tempered to harden it.
You can have the blade, the spring, a photo engraved – our customization workshop can do it all.
Perfect occasions to offer a customized Laguiole.

Fait en France
Opportunities for personalized gifts abound, and so do the perfect occasions to offer a custom-made Laguiole knife.

Here are some of the occasions for which our clients ordered their customizable Laguiole folding knife

•    Wedding gift : The happiest day of their lives, preserved forever
•    Birthday gift : a lovely opportunity to celebrate this day in a unique way.
•    Sports victory : Offer the whole team a special gift and never forget this glorious day !
•    Father’s and Mother’s day : Give your parents a gift as unique as the love you have for them.
•    Corporate gift : Surprise loyal customers and suppliers with a quality gift, and enhance your brand image at the same time.

There are so many moments which deserve special consideration ; which one shall lead you to design your own customized Laguiole knife ?

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