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Published : 2016-04-27 16:20:39
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The sun is shining and the days are getting longer, it is the season of family gatherings again.

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Family meals are always the perfect opportunity to enjoy Grandmother's recipes. She's the one who has prepared today's outdoor lunch.

Salad, cooked pork meats, main course with meat and sauce, no effort has been spared to tickle everyone's taste-buds!

As for Uncle Paul, he is our grilled meats specialist. No one cooks lamb like him, and his  prime ribs are always perfectly done. The whole family is looking forward to enjoying this meat, served by Carole, his wife, with her Laguiole carving set.

Discussions are going well and no family meal would be complete without a fine bottle of wine taken from Grandfather Antoine's wine cellar. He takes out his  wine opener made out of cask wood: made in his image, it is sober and efficient. « Pop » goes the cork and the Parisian cousins, come specially for the occasion, burst into applause.  

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Grandmother really went to town on this meal. The table has been set with her Laguiole cutlery set her children bought her for Christmas. Serving spoons are shining in the salad bowls and conversations die down as plates are being emptied.

In France, a meat without cheese is like a day without sunshine. Aunt Suzanne went to the cheese shop and went all out: Montbrison fourme, Forez brick, Saint Nectaire, Salers… The cheese tray, a wide oaken board, is passed around the table from  guest to guest, along with its disctinctly shaped cheese knives.

The young ones are getting impatient, some have even left the table to go play outside, while they wait for dessert!
It is François's birthday, he's turning 40 this year, a very special occasion. To celebrate, Anne Sophie has made her famous strawberry charlotte. She walks in carefully with her candle-laden masterpiece while everybody starts singing together. He blows them out shyly,his cheeks pink and his eyes bright with delight. Grandma puts her cake server to good use and hands out a slice of Sunday cheer to everyone.

What a lovely family meal: good food, cheerful company and bright sunshine!

What about you? How do you like your family meals? Do you have any special traditions or rituals?

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