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Published : 2017-08-13 09:19:24
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Here’s a recap of holiday destinations where you might learn even more about cutlery making and add to your knife collection ! 

Just follow the guide...

Visits in France

No need to fly to discover the ancestral know-how of French cutlery makers.

Just a few hour’s train or car away from you, are some towns which were built on centuries of love for knife making and cutlery makers.

There are some beautiful places to visit with your family or friends. Whether, hiking, staying or just driving through, take a few hours to visit the French cutlery hot spots.

Here are two destinations you cannot miss if you are passionate about knives :

• Laguiole in Aubrac pronounce it «Laïole» to sound like a local ! 

Situated in the heart of the Massif central, the village and its lovely green surroundings welcome you. A bit of fresh air, far from the busy metropolies can do no harm !

As you walk along the streets, you may choose to visit the village forges, as well as the Laguiole Knife Museum then go shopping for your next knife.

Thiers in Auvergne and its cutlery museum.

In the Rhône-Alpes region, Thiers is another famous destination to add to your list. Thanks to permanent and temporary exhibitions, you will learn about forging techniques and the evolution of blades throughout time.

In the same city, you can also go to the Cité des Couteliers© which presents 21st century knives.

There are numerous shops where you can choose a new sheath or even a new knife to extend your impressive collection.

Châtellerault and its cutlery factory

The city of Châtellerault has a long history of cutlery making , going all the way back to the 13th or 14th century. In this city were invented the famous dagger-knives, globally known … and imitated.

You may choose to hire the services of a touristic guide who will tell you all about this French city known all over the world for its cutlery tradition.

mariane france

Visits abroad

Cutlery destinations in Japan

There are two must-go destinations for knives fans :

• The city of Seki, also known as the Japanese cutlery capital.

• The city of Sakai, where the best blades in the country are made. This city , birthplace of, among others, the famous hawk knives - Haïku - and Damas blades – Kasumi – is located in the heart of the Gifu region, a mountain area removed from the bustle of the archipelago’s megalopolies.

Cutlery factories in Germany

Much closer to home, there are also cutlery factories. Wusthof’s in Solingen is open for visits. 

This is far from the cutlery craftsmen who forge handmade knives, but, open mindedness never fractured anybody’s skull, so wouldn’t it be great to see how knives are industrially manufactured ?

coutelier avec découpe de lame
Knives in Switzerland

Once again, no need to travel very far. Our Swiis friends let you visit the Vorinox factory. If you’re travelling in the area, feel free to go. Some visitors have left comments about the tours on Trip Advisor

Swedish cutlery

If you are of the adventurous kind, you will probably like the Morakniv factory. The have designed a series of knives for trekking, hiking and other outdoor pursuits.
You can tour their production site here 

So, now you know that your passion knows no borders, and that can keep living it even during your holidays !

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