How to use a straight razor

Published : 2017-10-28 15:58:31
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In many towns, barber shops are popping up. And they are not reserved to ‘hipsters’, bearded men and other modern men willing to look after their skins. Treating yourself to an exquisite shaving experience is not reserved to an elite.
With Actiforge, you have plenty of choices for your straight razor , all you need to do is decide which is your favourite one.
Today, we bring to you a few tips to shave perfectly and safely.

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Step 1 : sharpening.

The first ritual consists in sharpening your blade on a leather strap . Simply go back and forth until your razor is perfectly sharp.
To maintain the edge of your favourite razor, make sure that it is sharpened professionally at least once a year.

Step 2 : skin preparation.

The best thing to do is to shave after you shower ; or to apply a hot towel to your face in order to soften beard hairs.
Do not hesitate either to apply some shaving oil in order to prepare your skin well.

Step 3 : shaving soap.

Now that your skin is ready, apply some shaving soap  with a brush. Get rid of your shaving foam, if you’re going to use a straight razor, use it properly !

Step 4 : holding the razor.

This is the most delicate step.
Hold your razor firmly so that it does not slip from your grasp and risk causing injuries.
Firmly hold, with your index and middlefinger, the thickest part of the blade, the tang and the top part of the handle with your thumb (opposite your index).

Step 5 : traditional shaving in progress...

You need to start shaving in the same direction as hairs grow, while carefully stretching the skin to avoid cuts and chafing. Keep a 30° angle, without applying too much pressure, the weight of the blade should be enough.
You will probably need to shave again for an impeccable finish. Apply ore shaving soap and this time shave in the opposite direction, finishing with the chin and that spot right under your nose.

Final step : look after your skin.

You have successfully completed your first traditional shave.
Finish by splashing some cold water on your face to get rid of the remaining soap, to tighten up your pores and prevent bleeding. If you have an alum stone , you can wet it and apply it to your skin.
For a lovely finish touch, you may now put a warm towel on your freshly shaven face and use some shaving balm to soothe your skin.
And here you are, a modern man, able to treat yourself to a traditional shave without going to the barber shop !

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