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Published : 2017-07-27 11:47:24
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Let’s go to the Cutlery Making Museum

Situated at the heart of the world’s knife capital city, this museum has entertained visitors from all over the world for many years.

In the next few months, the facility will focus on passing on the ancient art of cutlery making and will show how generations of Thiers cutlery makers have perpetuated their tradition and love of forged blades.

The « Transmission » exhibition is open from June 8th 2017 to September 17th 2017. Its programme announces ‘Passing on gestures, knives from fathers to sons, perpetuating a company’.

La transmission

Enjoy learning at the Thiers Museum.

Thier’s cutlery museum  is a place where everybody, the young or less young alike can learn and have fun.

In this great museum, you can both visit rooms tracing the history of knives across the ages, but also discover cutlery making in a more interactive way.

Thanks to demos and manufacturing workshops, discover how knives are made : forging techniques, material choices, the art of forging will reveal all its secrets to you !

Come, all you avid knowledge-seekers, and discover over 6 centuries of history, the art of past and current cutlery makers as well as an amazing collection of knives from the 16th century to these days.

The cutlery museum is more than just a conventional museum since it also houses demonstration and manufacturing workshops:a living monument to the cutlery making legacy.


Transmission, by Actiforge

At Actiforge, just like in the Thiers Museum,  transmission is the key to our know-how.

We have been forging for generations, and we work everyday to offer you the highest quality knives.

Our lifetime guarantee is proof of that, and our ‘Made in France’ label is yet another proof that we are committed to bringing you the best of French craftsmanship.

Now as ever, Actiforge brings you knives whoch will accompany you everyday like faithful companions. Yet another example of ‘Transmission’.

For more information about the temporary ‘Transmission’ exhibition, and about the Thier cutlery museum, visit the museum’s Facebook page

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