What, exactly, is this Origine France Garantie label about ?

Published : 2017-09-27 09:59:03
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With the « Origine France Garantie » label, we wish to show our clients that we are totally transparent concerning the origin of our products and our manufacturing processes. But what, exactly, is this  Origine France Garantie label about ?

Officially introduced to the National Assembly on May 19th 2011, this label has three clear objectives :
« Federating companies, Promoting skills, Informing consumers. »

By adopting this labelling policy we state our commitment to ‘French manufacturing’ and to promoting our craftsmanship.
Origine France Garantie Label requirements

There are two mandatory requirements which French companies must meet in order to be given the Origine France Garantie label :

•    Between 50% and 100% of the unit costs are French.

•    The product gets his essential features from France.

In order to receive the label, companies must follow strict specifications. The label is given by a third-party office, which guarantees its reliability.

What are the advantages for French consumers ?

Unlike the famous ‘Made in France’ label, which can be obtained simply whanging the packaging of an imported product, the Origine France Garantie label genuinely gurantees the origin of a product.

Guarantees given to consumers by the Origine France Garantie label :

•    Clear and accurate information given to consumers about the French origin of the goods.

•    Only label to certify the French origin of a product.  It is transverse (applicable to all economic fields) and unbiased (since the mandatory labelling procedure is carried out by an independent third-party)

•    Promotion of companies who manufacture in France.
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