Why should you always carry a folding knife in your pocket ?

Published : 2017-07-10 11:16:23
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It is cool outside, spring has only begun its soft tentative approach, and you decide to grab a jacket so that you do not shiver as you walk in the meadow.

The refreshing light is so beautiful that you also take your digital camera as you walk out, hoping to capture the returning sunlight.

Ou fish out the keys from the glass bowl in the hallway, and right next to it, you pocket your Laguiole folding knife . Of course, your dog bounds after you, too happy to accompany you for a walk !

Your Laguiole knife – your adventure companion

The trees are in bloom and the soft glow of the sunrays feels warm on your face. It is at last pleasant to be outside again. Autumn rains and the biting cold of winter instantly fade from your memory.  

Wild flowers are everywhere and a bunch of them would look delightful on your kitchen table. You take your knife out of its sheath  and cut a few stems here and there to make up an assortment fit to brighten up your interior.

Walking along, you can hear your dog running about, playing and bursting through the blackberry bushes. From time to time he doubles back to bring you a stick, hoping to entice you to a game of fetch. Speaking of which, where is the dog ? You hear a whine coming out of a bush, and sure enough your dog got entangled into the thorns. Thanks to your sharp blade, you cut him free from his chains and off he runs again, ready to play some more.

Safe in your pocket – your folding knife follows you everywhere

This is a wonderful spring afternoon and you are enjoying every minute of it.

Your bunch of flowers in hand and with your four-legged companion in tow, you walk home whistling a merry tune...

This little walk has made you hungry. You walk into the house towards the kitchen. There is a fruit basket in there with your name on it ! An orange will be perfect to give you the energy boost you need. Your laguiole blade effortlessly peels this well-earned vitamin source !

What a lovely spring day, simply taking your time to enjoy life and all its little pleasures.

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