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Laguiole knife with corkscrew, Ebony wood handle, 2 stainless steel bolsters, 11 cm

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Closed length : 11 cm
Ebony wood handle

12C27 stainless steel blade. 3 mm thick
2 solid stainless steel bolsters and plates
The corkscrew has 4 rings (8 mm diameter)

Delivered in a black gift box with certicate of origin and lifetime warranty
French artisanal making.

Ebony wood is extremely tough. It is rather difficult to saw and work with and it is no small feat to hand cut it. During the manufacturing process of works of art or inlaid furniture, it can seriously blunt blades and saws.

Of course, there is more to this essence than just downsides. Its fine highly mineralized black heartwood is very appreciated, as well as its lovely shiny polished look. Ebony materials polish perfectly well and cutlery makers get a spectacular finished look without needing additional preparations.

Another special characteristic of this tough and dense wood is that it does not absorb oils, which makes it stain-proof and means that it can last a long time without losing its superb appearance.

An ebony-handled Laguiole knife is a gift which is sure to remain in perfect condition for many years. It is an ideal gift for a loved one !