Straight razor maintenance

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 There, you’ve done it, given up your disposable razor and decided to use a straight razor instead ? Marvellous ! You’ve opted for a healthy, affordable efficient shaving method.

To keep your shaving experience pleasurable, it is essential to look after your straight razor.

In fact, contrary to disposable or electric razors, straight-razors need some care and maintenance.

Whether you enjoy an accurately trimmed beard, a marvellous moustache, a smooth-shaven cheek, do not miss our maintenance tips for traditional razors.

In order to maintain a flawless edge and an impeccable style, follow the advice of the Actiforge cutlery-makers’ club.
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Oiling the blade

To prevent rust due to moisture.



It should be done after each shave with a sharpening paste

The principle is to make round trips on the blade with the leather to give it a sharp edge.


blade protection

No shock on the cutting edge 

No dirty fingers 

And no cleaning products ( bleach. ..)