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Model n° LCHFMA12DAC03

Laguiole Freemason’s Knife with black and white checkerboard handle

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Closed size: 12 cm

Weight: 92 gr

Black and white checkerboard Cristallium handle
This innovative material is, in fact, a work of ingenuity. Cristallium gets its name from its exceptional properties: it is more translucent and radiant than glass. It does not yellow under the effect of UV rays, and offers excellent resistance to external shocks, solvents and even intensive use.

Freemason emblem decoration replaces the traditional bee
2 solid stainless steel bolster and plates, handcrafted
Stainless steel blade 12C27

The traditional Laguiole ‘Bee’ spring has been replaced by a symbol maconnic.
The square and compasses decorate the spring of this Laguiole knife.
Blade or spring can be customized with the lodge's name or personalised with the owner's name
Small series production made by hand, with the desire to create nothing but a beautiful piece of work.
This is a return to the first Laguiole knives, when each knifemaker decorated the spring to his own taste.

Delivered in black box with certificate of origin and lifetime warranty

Registered model.