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Laguiole bird knife ebony and olive wood handle with damascus blade

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The handle is in the form of a bird’s wing.
Two-tone handle: ebony and olive wood, 8 mm thick slabs
Damascus stainless steel blade composed of 120 layers
Closed length : 12 cm
Opened length: 21.5 cm
Hardness: 56 Hrc
Weight: approximately 90 g

Forged bee
Bladestop: in order not to damage the edge of the blade
Screw mounting

Made in France

+ sheath shaped in finest quality leather
+ sharpener

Delivered with certificate of origin and lifetime warranty

We like birds for their grace, their lightness and their slender lines. It is for these same reasons that you will fall for the charms of the Laguiole bird knife.
Its delicately designed handle, its soft and sensual curves, its slender and delicate handle which fits perfectly into the palm of the hand… It has so many positive points to delight women and men of taste.

Here, Actiforge offers you the enhanced version of its bird of paradise: a racy knife with a Damascus blade. See the skilled work of the knife-makers that are required to make this exceptional knife.

Observe the perfect mixture of precious wood: the smoothness of olive wood from ancient trees which blends perfectly with the impetuous black of ebony, a highly successful combination! Before our eyes, the materials come together and interweave to form a knife with perfect refined lines decorated with elegant twisting Damascus arabesques.

If you appreciate knives, you will be unable to resist this Laguiole Bird knife. Nothing is left to chance, whether it is the famous bee carved into the metal, the delicately sculpted spring, the handle in the shape of a bird’s wing, or the stunning Damascus blade.

Reserved for knife collectors, this premium version of the Laguiole Bird knife will definitely delight the person you offer it to!

To care for your exceptional knife, keep it away from water and soap, a simple damp cloth will be enough. When you are on the move, protect it from dust and shocks by offering it in a leather sheath!