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Laguiole bird damascus knife in olive wood and violet wood

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The handle is in the shape of a bird. It is made of olive wood and violet wood.
Size closed: 12 cm
Open size: 21.5cm
Hardness: 56 Hrc
Weight: about 90g
Damascus stainless steel blade composed of 120 layers
Guilloché and forged spring
Blade stopper: to avoid hitting the bottom of the knife when closing
The rosette on the front bolster as well as the screw mounting ensure a long life for this contemporary knife.

With black leather case and sharpener

The term "original" describes this Laguiole bird knife perfectly. Its decorative details, its noble design woods and its very particular design imitating the silhouette of a bird, these are the main characteristics of this contemporary tool.

First of all, it is necessary to talk about its blade, whose fine point makes it easy to penetrate the flesh or the object. On the entire steel surface, the eyes are amazed by beautiful, carefully traced engravings.

Then, following the length of the knife, we arrive at this handle with a unique look. It is covered with olive wood and violet wood, two noble and unique materials that transform the Laguiole knife into a poetic and authentic accessory. Enjoy the natural color nuances of these woods: an incomparable fusion of tones. The presence of the screw mounting and the rosette on the bolster does not obstruct the gaze. These elements offer the guarantee of a solid and very resistant tool.