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Laguiole design style bee with diamond

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Black G10 handle

G10 is a fibreglass epoxy composite laminate. The material was introduced in the 1950s for the aeronautic industry.

3 zirconium diamonds are inserted in the handle

Closed length : 12 cm
Opened length: 21.5 cm
Hardness: 56 Hrc
Weight: approximately 90 g

12C27 Stainless steel blade

2 stainless steel plates  are guillochéd and riveted between the spring and handle to  ensure supple closing of the knife and enduring solidity.

Forged steel plates. The Bee  is arc-welded, thus melting both metals into one. The guilloché work is then carved.

Made 100% in Thiers in France
Delivered in a black magnetic box with certificate of origin and lifetime warranty

« Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend*» said beautiful and talented Marylin Monroe. Times may have changed since and women have gained recognition since, but it is still true that diamonds are forever.

With this version of the Laguiole Bee knife, all at once chic, understated and tough, no aesthetic thought was spared to give weight to this beautiful blade. The handle is made out of G10, a super tough material with a soft feel and a lovely feeling grip.

If you are a man of your century, it is time for an update. Forget about flowers and jewellery which will never leave  their bow on your better half’s bedside table.

With this diamond encrusted knife, give her a diamond which symbolizes eternity and a tool to follow her everywhere in her 2.0 warrior princess adventures !