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Folding Laguiole knife kit with corkscrew and 2 stainless steel bolsters

  • ebony wood
  • juniper wood
  • olivewood
  • palisander wood
  • walnut wood

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Set of spare parts to assemble your own Laguiole knife:
-A 12C27 stainless steel blade with a useful length of 85 mm
-Stainless steel corkscrew screw
- Two stainless steel plates with welded bolsters
-A spring
-A pair of dark palissander wood plates.
The whole of these parts was manufactured in the basin of Thiers except for the plates out of wooden.
Dimension of the black case: 150 x 140 x 35 mm
Delivered with precise and illustrated instructions.

Mount your own knife? A great opportunity! If you are a fan of luxury do-it-yourself knives, this Laguiole knife kit is for you.
The black case holds all the parts that make up the knife, including a blade, a corkscrew and two stainless steel plates. Don't forget the pair of rosewood plates.

The materials with which Laguiole has designed these elements are of superior quality. The 12C27 stainless steel is a must for creating knives with a refined style. It guarantees excellent rigidity, optimal strength and unmatched performance.

And rosewood, this wood species is already renowned for its elegance, nobility and of course its robustness. The years do not change its appearance. On the contrary, it gains in aesthetics and durability.

This kit benefits from this alliance of materials and becomes a matchless creation that you would take care of every day. Using it to concoct various culinary dishes is a good idea. But you could also keep it preciously as it is, storing it in a clean and well secured place where it can keep its splendor for a very long time.