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Model n° THHXBACS-6/8

6/8 Actiforge Razor in Cocobolo Wood – Chiselled decoration point on the back of the blade with mahogany box

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Cocobolo wood handle. This wood come from Mexico
Back of the blade chiselled
Singing hollowed
Size 6/8 square noze
2 side polished mirror
Anti slip knurling on lower side of the tang
Forged from 100% carbon steel C135
Thiers-issard mark on the tang
Rockwell hardness 63-64

Closed length: 16.5 cm
Length used: 7.5 cm
Width used: 2 cm = 5/8"
Handle length: 14.5 cm
Shave ready

Delivered with a luxurious mahogany box
Box exterior length: 21.5 cm
Box length inside : 17.5 cm
Box exterior width: 4.5 cm
Box width inside : 3.5 cm
Box exterior height: 2.5 cm
Box height inside : 1 cm
Handcrafted in France by Thiers-Issard