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Model n° LBESPO13121

Laguiole sport walnut handle

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Closed length : 13 cm
Walnut handle
Hand-crafted guilloche bee and spring
Z40C13 Stainless Steel blade, thickness : 3.50 mm, hardness : 54 Hrc
Single cast back-lock security mechanism
Protective blade-stop
Delivered in a luxurious leather sheath with sharpener

New on the market this year, the Laguiole sport knife is totally safe due to a back-lock security mechanism. This knife was designed by Gilles Steinberg and Robert Beillonnet, twice winner of the ‘Best French Craftsman’ award.

 •    More about walnut...

 Walnut is a heterogenous wood with shades going from light brown to deep brown veined with black. Several species of walnut trees are generally used, such as European, American and Australian walnut.

 Mainly used to make furniture and kitchen cupboards due to its robustness.

 Stabilised walnut doesn't age and is therefore a favourite for the creation of sculptures and trophies.

 Due to its stability and solidity, it has been used to make propellers and other plane parts in military aviation!

Your Laguiole Sport has a locking and unlocking system that is both sure and effective.

•    How does a lockback system work?

The blade automatically locks open. To unlock it, you must press the rocker on the back of the knife, freeing the blade for shutting. Simple and efficient.