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Model n° LBEGEN11129

Laguiole Gentleman Knife with Curly birch Handle

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Closed length : 10.5 cm. Open Length: 18 cm
Curly birch from Finland handle

Length: 7.5 cm - Thickness : 3.50 mm - Hardness : 54 Hrc
Single cast back-lock security mechanism
Protective blade-stop
Delivered in a leather pouch with guarantee and certificate

A very new knife.
It has the best back-lock security mechanism of today, a single cast system without welding.
Designed by Gilles Steinberg.

•    More about birch...
Birch is a very light coloured wood with shades of beige and very pale pink. It makes a change from the much darker brown hues of most woods used for knife handles.
Long ago, birch bark was used instead of paper since it is so thin. Alternatively, it could be cut into shingles to cover roofs because of it being waterproof.
Birch sap is made into wine in some countries of Northern Europe, Russia and North America. Birch sap is also known for its medicinal virtues. The oil distilled from its buds has diuretic properties and is soothing for certain skin conditions.
It is commonly used as firewood because its content in essential oils means it burns easily. It is in fact the firewood bakers prefer!

Your Laguiole Sport has a locking and unlocking system that is both sure and effective.

•    How does a lock-back system work?
The blade automatically locks open. To unlock it, you must press the rocker of the back of the knife, freeing the blade for shutting. Simple and efficient.